Wednesday, July 11, 2007

so far so good

It's been interesting checking out all of the Web 2.0 sites. I have definitley learned some new things. I am hoping taht I will at least know what the customers refer to when they are talking technology.


scrappin' librarian said...

oops-- I meant to say that on taht.

Ellen said...

If you want to edit one of your posts just log in and then click on "Customize" in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
Click the Posting tab.
Click the "Edit Posts" link.
Find the post you want to edit!

Ellen said...

Another tip: In Blogger, if you use the Dots theme, you have to add a page element to get the title of your blog to display on your blog’s main page. Sign in to your blog and that will take you to your “Dashboard”. Click on the Layout link and then on top left of your page, click on the link to “Add a Page Element.” You’ll see lots of choices here, but for now, choose “Add a Page Header” and click on the “Add to Blog” button.

Add a title for your blog and a description, if you want to. You can even add an image but make sure it looks okay after you save it. (Mine didn’t.) Click Save changes and then click on the link to View Blog. Make sure everything looks the way you want it! See my example: